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Theme of the Conference

Main Theme of Conference:“Challenges of Rural Medicine in a Global Village”

Sub Themes of Conference:
1.Access & Utilization of Health Care
2.Rational Use of Drugs & Appropriate Technology in Health
3.Women, Adolescent and Child Health
4.Communicable, Vector borne & Zoonotic diseases
5.Non Communicable diseases - Tobacco Control, Mental Health, Diabetes, Cancer, Food & Nutritional disorders, HIV/AIDS etc
6.Disaster Medicine in Rural Areas
7.Occupational Health - Accidents & Injuries in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Mining
8.Environmental Sustainability & Health
9.Rural demographic challenges (aging, gender imbalance, migration etc)
10.Human Resource Development for Rural Health
11.Research Priorities in medical, pharmaceutical sciences & rural health
12.Economics, Financing & Affordability of Health Care for Rural Population
13.Global health – commercialization and ethics
14.ICT, Biotechnology and Rural Health (tele-medicine, e-health, medical /bio informatics, medical biotechnology, bio-medical engineering)
15.AYUSH & Alternative Systems of Medicine

Proposed Scientific Sessions in the Conference:
      Keynote Addresses on
           1. Challenges of Rural Medicine – Access & Approaches
           2. Global Status of Achieving Health MDGs – Steps to be taken
           3. Disaster Medicine in Rural Areas
           4. Increasing non-communicable diseases in rural areas & its preparedness
           5. Research Priorities in Rural Health – 10/90 Gap
           6. Global Health – Commercialization & Ethics
      Plenary Session/Symposium/CME
           7. Reproductive & Child Health
           8. Rural Health Research – Call for Action
           9. Reforms in Human Resource Planning for Rural Health
      Thematic Scientific Sessions - 15 Oral & 15 Poster Sessions
Organized By
International Association of Rural Health and Medicine(IARM), Japan
Pravara Medical Trust’s (PMT), Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences-DU (PIMS), Loni
Association of Agricultural Medicine & Rural Health in India (AAMRHI), Loni
International Arbitration Centre (IAC)- Goa
In Collaboration with
Govt. of Goa, Goa
Goa University, Goa
Goa Medical College, Goa